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FieldTalk allows easy two-way communication between multiple layers of management and field staff without interrupting work schedules, as well as the ability for field staff to provide feedback, either spoken or via their phone keypad.

Central to the move from monologue to dialogue, FieldTalk allows staff to interact through voting, leaving messages, or participating in the FieldTalk itself.  This gives communications teams instant insight to the important questions of the day, and the relevance and popularity of the subject matter amongst staff.

As with all the ipadio services, our aim is that the technology is invisible and that it's the service that matters. Thus whilst there’s some clever stuff going on behind the scenes, all a staff member needs to take part in the FieldTalk is a phone.

“FieldTalk’s audience are the people who install and maintain our products. As they’re face to face with Virgin Media’s customers every day, it’s crucial they stay up-to-date and able to provide the best possible service. We’re striving constantly to turn the old fashioned monologue into dialogue and engage with our team members. ipadio allows us to do just that.“
Alexandra Smith, Internal Communications, Virgin Media



  • Content collection from multiple people via phone, app or upload
  • Individuals, interviews or conference
  • Automated structuring of content for staff dial-in
  • SMS alerts, email or dial out to connect to staff
  • Voting on all calls & feedback option
  • Automatically embed the FieldTalk within corporate intranet
  • Full reporting and analysis
  • Options on security including recognised numbers only & PIN
  • Optionally live or moderated
  • Automated voice to text & geolocation
  • Integration with our InteractiveTxt services



FieldTalk allows Internal Communicators to enable interaction between staff out on the road and corporate management without disrupting work schedules. FieldTalk is an easy to use and cost-effective means to engage staff and drive corporate messaging deep into business operations.


For examples of organisations using Fieldtalk see our London Midland or HomeServe case studies.

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  • SSP & Emergency Communications
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