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Appointment Verification

Appointment Verification

Sure - everyone sends messages - but just because someone can write that don't make them Shakespeare. ContactEngine presents a revolution in appointment verification - rather than just telling, we have a intelligent conversation. Take the ContactEngine pilot challenge and you'll never look back.

PostCall & Voice of the Customer

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The problem with surveys is that they don't give much back to the customer. However, combine a VoC survey with a operational service ("is everything working") and you'll get response rates above 60%, plus you can do on-the-day quick recovery of any service problems for even high customer satisfaction.

Apps for mobile video & audio

Mobile Video

Winner of the e-consultancy Innovation Award, ContactEngine mobile video apps are like a corporate YouTube, allowing clients to capture and post videos into their own sites. Clients include The FA, Asda and London 2012, who rely on the bandwidth management and corporate security.



ContactEngine is the best multi-channel and interactive customer contact engine on the planet. ContactEngine powers conversations with your customers, staff or stakeholders via the technology they prefer - be that app, txt, phonecall, email, and no matter whether it be video, audio, graphical or textual.

InteractiveTxT (iTxt)


Like text messaging, only much better - because it's not just two-way but actually conversational - gathering information from customers, and driving real-time corporate activity based on their responses. iTxt continues to be one of the most successful ways of interacting with your customers.

InteractiveVoice (iVoice)


iVoice is a revolution IVR. iVoice knows who the customer is and what their needs are - no more annoying menus. iVoice has intellegent conversations with many thousands of customers simultaneously. Instead of call-centres staff working like machines, we've taught our machine to think like a human.

Cloud Hosted SaaS


ContactEngine is secure, cloud hosted Software as a Service. ContactEngine is scalable, robust, fully redundant, and completely reliable.  ContactEngine has had greater than 99.99% uptime over the past 5 years.  in 2014 ContactEngine will complete ISO 27001 data security certification.

Winner: Innovation Awards

Winner: Innovation Awards 2012

"Like a corporate YouTube, giving brands the ability to capture user video and audio directly from their own sites. ContactEngine will help companies quickly grow their repositories of video-based user-generated content.  Ideal for product reviews, customer feedback or competitions."

Best Mobile Investment

British Business Angels Association

"The ContactEngine victory demonstrates that the business has strong innovation/disruptive capacity in the market and that the investment has significantly supported the growth potential and competitiveness of the company."

Winner: Innovation Awards


The first ContactEngine award for our pioneering work in audio - the Judges said, “a really simple but well executed idea that gives anyone who can use a phone the chance to speak out on the internet … a technology for the masses with many potential uses.”

Mobile e-Assessment Award

Mobile e-Assessment Award

Teachers are able to get students to take part in speaking activities outside of the classroom. ContactEngine is used to record students' phone blogs. This helps students improve their speaking in much the same way that a blog can be used to help students improve their writing.

About ContactEngine

ContactEngine is the best multi-channel, interactive contact engine. Our cloud hosted Software as a Service helps our blue-chip clients improve efficiency, and drive growth through happier customers.

Our motto is "Why not 100%" – a desire for perfection which is reflected in everything that we do. To talk to us about ContactEngine, arrange a meeting with our clients, or take the ContactEngine 4 week pilot challenge, please email sales@contactengine.co.uk or call +44 (0) 20 33 940 840.

Clients & Case Studies

  • Virgin Media - PreCall, PostCall & Voice of the Customer
  • Grant Thornton socialise their business
  • Ladbrokes
  • Anglian Water
  • Thames Water
  • Sony
  • HomeServe
  • London Midland &
  • SSP & Emergency Communications
  • Amnesty International
  • JustGiving
  • British Horseracing Authority
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Award use ContactEngine
  • Scotland's Colleges